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Athlete gives back by donating. Utah Athletics’ Invest in Excellence campaign added to its summer fundraising success with another major donation from [READ MORE]

Inaugural Polynesian Football Hall of Fame announced. Waianae High graduate Kurt Gouveia, Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo, a Radford High product, and the late  [READ MORE] 


Troy Polamalu Will Cut Hair For First Time In 10 Years. To Benefit Charity Is there such a thing as a "good hair day?" If so, for PiHsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu [READ MORE] 


Soliai donates $250,000 to Utah football program. Dolphins defensive lineman Paul Soliai has made a lot of money in the NFL. He’s now carving off a big chunk of  [READ MORE] 

Edwin Mulitalo going out on a limb in Samoa. Former NFL player Mulitalo will uproot family from Utah for distant coaching job. Imagine: You've retired from a long successful [READ MORE]


Utahns among those forming Polynesian Football Hall of Fame. Nearly 60 players of Polynesian descent dot the rosters of National Football League teams, including  [READ MORE]

Deuce Lutui is a warrior for his team, family and faith. Loaded with seven exhausted passengers, the Lutui family van departed [READ MORE]

The “2013 Camps of Troy Polamalu” football and volleyball clinics for high school teams as well as  for coaches and officials, will begin  [READ MORE]

Defensive tackle Domata Peko rules the world at fullback. When the team announces their game-day active roster, H-back Orson [READ MORE]

Former BYU fullback Fui Vakapuna making a difference. Once upon a time in 2006, Fui Vakapuna returned from an LDS [READ MORE]